An Introduction to The New Romantic



an introduction to the new romantic, megan holloway

First & foremost, I’m so thankful you’re here. 

I’ve dreamt of starting a blog for years now, but always stopped short because all the fears we’re all too familiar with would come flooding in: I could put in all the work and this could fail, I could run out of content in a month, I could be laughed at, judged, written off. Or the long list of “not enoughs” – I’m not skinny enough to be a blogger, my hair’s not long enough, I don’t have the right clothes, house, car, lifestyle. At this point, as you all probably feel after reading that list, I would sit depressed staring at google searches for website platforms & affiliate programs feeling overwhelmed & underqualified.

I think it’s important to offer this backstory at the very beginning because I want to be very clear about what this space is NOT. This is not a platform for me to project my “perfect life” to lust after. This is not a place where anyone is meant to feel less than. This is never, ever, ever a place to feel ashamed. This is, especially, not a space for me or you to feed the consumerist monster & be tricked into the idea that more, more, more is the dream. Don’t we have enough of that in our day to day life already? 

To be honest, when I started dreaming up a blog, that was what I wanted. I obviously wouldn’t have put it in such blunt terms, but those thoughts were there, just dressed up in prettier phrases so I could be convinced it wouldn’t morally harm myself or others. But there was always this gentle voice (I follow Jesus, so going forward I’ll refer to this voice as God) in the back of my mind calling me into something different, into something slower, more intentional, and more life-giving. The biggest reason why I have put off creating a blog is that I’ve had a wrestling match in my heart with what I felt God was beckoning me into for years now, and what felt so much easier & more convenient. And quite honestly, to let his gentle leading win out would make everything I wanted to do so much more difficult. Isn’t it funny how we often fight the hardest against the things that make our lives infinitely richer?

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So now, to what this blog is. This is my journey into simpler, sustainable, slow living that repositions human dignity above consumerism. The New Romantic will be full of resources, inspirational people, helpful ideas, and most importantly, honesty. This truly is the beginning of my journey – last month I purchased from a host of fast fashion companies. I have closets full of things I don’t need. I had fifteen different shopping apps on my phone that I would scroll through daily, needing to know what the most recent release was & how I could purchase it. I deleted those apps yesterday. And there is the beauty of it – we all have to begin somewhere. And I want to share my somewhere with you. 

The name The New Romantic came from this idea that finding & celebrating the beauty in everyday life doesn’t have to come from a place of naivety, but rather in acknowledging the hurt & hardships in life, and then choosing to refocus on the beautiful. This isn’t a form of consumerism, rather it’s a deep way of life that can seep into everything we do. From creating a morning rhythm that makes us excited to get out of bed, to choosing to put down our phones in exchange for a few chapters of a beloved book at the end of the day, to be a New Romantic is to build a life that is meaningful, intentional, and in a word, lovely.

I hope this space feels like a deep exhale, a place to slow down & celebrate what we have rather than yearn for what we don’t. And when you do need to make a purchase, I dream that this will be a space where you can come for resources, encouragement, and guidance to choose what’s not only best for you, but what’s best for the planet & for the humans creating what we consume. Because it isn’t just about making our own lives full & lovely. It’s about transforming our thinking to embody every person our lifestyle influences. And at the end of the day, what could be more lovely than that? 



An Introduction to The New Romantic

  1. Candice says:

    Really beautiful, Megan! Excited to follow along and very proud of you for starting! xoxoxo!

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