A Wintry Day in Concord, Massachusetts



Wouldn’t we all love a little travel right now? I hope this tour of my favorite New England town whisks you away, albeit temporarily, into a place that feels even more magical in person than it does in pictures.

It’s no secret that I am smitten with the east coast. With its seaside towns, brownstone-lined cities, and rich history, this little corner of the country is brimming with charm and personality. Austin and I stumbled upon Concord shortly after moving to Massachusetts, and although we visit at least once a month, it never seems to lose its magic. 

Concord is brimming with history. It’s the location of The Shot Heard Round the World, The Minute Man National Park, and the homes of literature greats Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and my favorite, Louisa May Alcott. Touring Orchard House (the home Alcott grew up in and based Little Women on) is a must for anyone who loves the classic novel. Just a block away is Ralph Waldo Emerson’s home, which is also open for touring.

Orchard House School in Concord Massachusetts

Any time we go to Concord, we never miss an opportunity to pick up a hot drink and a quick bite at Haute Coffee (their maple latte & breakfast sandwich with bacon and avocado, to be precise). It’s just a few steps from there to The Concord Bookshop, one of my favorite stores in all of New England. It’s the type of place where the employees will gladly give you book recommendations, and you’ll be a happy reader when you take them. Just around the corner is Barrow Book Store, and I always have to peek in to see if they have any antique treasures to add to our library. 

Haute Coffee in Concord Massachusetts

After picking up our coffee and a new book (or two), we usually take a stroll down a portion of the Minute Man Trail. Our favorite spots to walk are around Hartwell Tavern and The Old North Bridge, and the trail was the original highway to Boston and the road where the revolutionary war began. I’ve developed a new appreciation for history after seeing firsthand the places that we studied growing up, not to mention a love for these old towns where so much life has happened. 

The Old North Bridge in Concord Massachusetts
MInute Man National Historic Park in Concord Massachusetts
The Minute Man Trail in Concord Massachusetts
Hartwell Tavern in Lexington, Massachusetts

If you’re planning a trip to Boston (which, let’s be honest, no one is right now), I cannot recommend enough taking the 30-minute drive up to Concord for an afternoon to explore. I have no doubt you’ll be just as enraptured with this quaint little town as I have become. 



A Wintry Day in Concord, Massachusetts

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